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Everything you need to know about motorcycle importers

Everything you need to know about motorcycle importers

As a wholesaler or retailer, you want to be assured of the best service when you want to import motorcycles. Importing a motorcycle can be tricky since the packaging needs to be perfect and able to withstand rough handling. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in this task and it is therefore advisable to hire one of these companies. Here you can read why you should hire motorcycle importers.

Motorcycle importers supply almost all brands

As a wholesaler or retailer you want to offer as much choice as possible to your customers. Of course, you then also want to be able to import as many different brands as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of motorcycle importers who import all major brands. Often you can also make your own arrangements with the importers and request other brands. The stock of motorcycle importers is in most cases tuned to the wishes of the customers so you don’t have to worry about the absence of a certain type of motorcycle! You can select your collection yourself and put together a perfect collection for your store or wholesale. A motorcycle importer makes sure to do all the important tasks that comes with importing motorcycles and that gives you peace of mind and reduces stress. You can just focus on your own store or wholesale business and the importer will take care of the rest!

Motorcycle importers provide export documents

In many cases, motorcycle importers also provide export documents and that is a big advantage. Often these companies are authorized to draw up the most common documents, so that the shipment can be arranged immediately. Therefore, you can expect the best service that is also efficient from a motorcycle importer! The motorcycles must of course be kept in the best condition and therefore their care is extremely important and that also means that all documents must be in order. The preparation of a shipment is nearly as important as the actual shipment!

Shipping the motorcycles

The motorcycle importers take care of the packaging of the motorcycles so that nothing can happen to them on the way. Therefore, these motorcycles are often placed in special crates. You can expect your motorcycles to arrive to you in the best condition and this gives peace of mind because of course a motorcycle is not the same as any other product. Often the importers take it upon themselves if something did go wrong during transport. All in all, you have nothing to worry about!

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