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It is in many products; What is palm oil?

It is in many products; What is palm oil?

Are you someone who is very concerned with healthy eating? Or are you trying to watch what you eat? Healthy eating is very important for your body. This is because by eating healthy you get more energy and live healthier. If you want to know whether the products you eat are healthy, it is wise to occasionally look back at the nutritional value of a product. In addition to the nutritional value, you can also look at the ingredients of the product. A real product connoisseur knows that most ingredients often also contain palm oil. But what is palm oil? Do you want an answer to your question what is palm oil? Then read on to find out.

What is it now?

Many products state that the ingredients contain palm oil, but what is palm oil? To the question: “what is palm oil?” is a simple answer. Palm oil is a vegetable oil that comes from the fruits of the oil palm. The oil palm occurs in a tropical climate. These oil palms do not come from the Netherlands but are often exported to the Netherlands from tropical areas. Factories often use palm oil in their products. This is because palm oil has no taste of its own, so it does not add anything or change the taste of the product. However, the palm oil ensures that products such as butter, jam, peanut butter, etc. are easily spreadable. This way you don’t have to put in a lot of effort in the morning while greasing the bread, but your bread is spread within a few seconds. Has your question what is palm oil been answered?

Tell me more, tell me more

Besides that palm oil is used for food, palm oil is also used in making cosmetics. Think of soap, shampoo, sunscreen, but also make-up and deodorant. However, palm oil or vegetable oil is not often indicated in the ingredients of the shampoo, soap, sunscreen, etc. That does not mean that the palm oil is not in the product, but it is simply described differently. There are dozens of synonyms that can be used to disguise the word palm oil. However, even though it is not listed in the ingredients, it still contains palm oil. Is that because the producer doesn’t want you to know that it contains palm oil? Or do the producers just want to fool themselves? At least they won’t fool you anymore.

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