What is the coolest Amsterdam museum?

What is the coolest Amsterdam museum?

You are planning your next visit to Amsterdam. Now that limitations are being removed and it’s much easier to fly to other countries, it’s time to escape the confinement. If you’re looking for a different kind of museum, the Moco Museum is the only option available. Located in the well-known Museumplein square, it has managed to endear itself to people of all ages despite its young age. It was founded in 2016 with the mission to innovate art in the city. It is very common to see museums about old art. This Amsterdam museum is filled with art pieces that do not aim to focus its visitors’ attention on events of the past. What do you do with a picture of a man without an ear? Nothing. Art has to be able to convey a message and reshape the way we look at things.

Art designed to make you think

Every museum has its own personality. Every artistic expression has a purpose. However, few museums in the world have the ability to exhibit radical art that focuses on conveying a message. The Moco Museum was created not only to bring creativity and art to its visitors. It also intends to show people that great things can be achieved every time we expand our comfort zone a little more. For example, Banksy’s “Love is in the Air (Flower Thrower)” shows that there are better ways to solve conflicts. This Amsterdam museum displays art pieces that can be of interest to people of all ages. The younger ones may find this museum a nice place to spend the afternoon. Also, they tend to rotate the art pieces throughout the year.

Can’t get away from technology? Neither can this Amsterdam museum

Technology is part of our lives. Wanting to disconnect ourselves from the Internet is futile. If you are someone who likes to live connected and discover new things using technology, you should definitely visit the Moco Museum. Many of their art pieces come equipped with augmented reality technology. While your eyes see a piece of art, if you point your cell phone camera at it, you will see it come to life. You will see hidden secrets behind each sculpture or painting. Another advantage is that you can buy tickets for this Amsterdam museum on the Internet. There you can check available dates and times. You can also see the exhibitions they have and any other recommendations you should follow when visiting their facilities.